Horizons | Commons Building & Dining Hall

Construction Manager for Commons Building & Dining Hall Renovations

South Windham, CT  •  10,000 sf  •  Construction Manager  •  9 months 
OWNER: Horizons, Inc.  •  ARCHITECT: Duncan Milne, AIA

Camp Horizons, an innovative camp for students with developmental disabilities founded in 1979, supports approximately 1,500 people annually as part of the wider mission of Horizons, Inc. Carlin Construction managed the construction of this new 10,000 sf Commons Building, including a new main dining hall, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability throughout. 

The result is an innovative, self-sufficient building with a solar panel system that offsets the entire energy load of the geothermal and lighting designs — while also earning substantial energy rebates from Eversource. Other technologies and methods used by Carlin Construction to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability include:

  • Structural Insulating Panel Systems (SIPs) for the roof (R-42) and walls (R-36)
  • Orientation of the building to maximize sun exposure for the solar voltaic roof panels
  • A geothermal groundwater HVAC system with occupancy sensors to maximize tempered-air storage during non-occupied periods
  • Remote-operable windows in the main dining hall, monitor-coupled with Big Ass fans and low window hoppers, to enable natural ventilation during desirable degree days
  • LED fixtures to illuminate the building exterior and high-ceiling areas, along with T8 high efficiency fluorescents to serve suspended-ceiling areas in the kitchen and classrooms