Mystic Aquarium | Ocean Exploration Center

Construction Manager for Ocean Exploration Center Renovations

Mystic, CT  •  6,000 sf  •  Construction Manager  •  4 months 
ARCHITECT: Capital Studio Architects

Carlin Construction managed this super fast-track project which included renovations to various exhibit areas at the Mystic Aquarium — including the Challenge of the Deep building and the DSV Turtle outdoor staging area — along with construction of the new 4D Nautilus Live Theater. The project began in January and was completed inside of 4 months, despite winter weather and numerous design changes. 

The Challenge of the Deep component called for extensive renovation to accommodate new exhibits. This included a Titantic exhibit, which featured a simulated engine room, a 4D theatre presentation, and displays of the deep-sea technology that led to the legendary ship’s recovery in 1985.

Exterior renovations included relocation of the existing 28-ton DSV Turtle mini-sub, a new entrance addition to the Challenge of the Deep building, and a new entrance bridge for visitor access over the existing aquarium pool.